About Us

Right Foot Performance Products prides itself on building unique components that will help racers make their cars more tune-able, more consistent and ultimately win more races. We don’t spend our time copying and building components that other manufacturers are already building. Instead we work to develop new “state of the art” components that will be an improvement over products currently available.

When designing a new component we take into consideration the best processes needed to fabricate and manufacture the parts of our components. Right Foot is located in an area with an extensive array of metal forming and machine shops so we’re able to take advantage of the newest technology in laser cutting, CNC machining, CNC forming and etc. This allows us to design and build economical parts to very tight, precise dimensions which make our components more consistent and reliable.

Although economics is an important factor in our design considerations we don’t build a component to be “just the cheapest part available”. Instead we work to make our parts of the highest quality and as light and durable and highest performing as possible. Because of our design and manufacturing philosophy we can honestly say our components are sold by some of the best chassis builders and parts suppliers in the industry and are raced by some of the best short trackers in the country.

All of our components are backed up by tech support. No matter which distributor, dealer or chassis builder a part was bought from a racer can always call us or email us to receive installation, set-up and tuning information. Many of our components are provided with detailed tech sheets to aid installation and set up.

We hope you find our web site to be informative and decide to race with Right Foot components. Remember, Race With Right Foot Performance Products Or Get Left Behind.