history-topRight Foot Performance Products was founded by Mike and Phyllis Randerson in 1995. But our history goes back further then that. The Randersons started RanderCar Racing in 1975. Originally RanderCar was a Howe chassis dealer but over time RanderCar began building their own chassis. RanderCar chassis were raced by some of the best short trackers in the country, including Larry Moore, Pete Parker, Allen Kulwicki and Ted Musgrave. During this time Mike invented our first component, the Rander Lock spindle nut. Spindle nuts are still a part of our product line today and over the years we have sold 10’s of thousands of spindle nuts. Mike sold RanderCar to his nephew Jim Randerson in 1991. For many years RanderCar was one of the country’s largest producers of asphalt late model chassis.

Mike Randerson started Right Foot in 1995 and began building double spline sway bar adjusters. We’re still building sway bar adjusters although as we’ve kept up with “Big Bar-Soft Spring” set-ups our adjusters have grown in size. Our product line continues to grow as we’re constantly working to create and build components that will make race cars faster and easier to set up.


My wife, Rhonda and I purchased Right Foot in January 2007 and incorporated the Company. I’ve been involved with Mike Randerson and Right Foot for a long time, first as a chassis customer and then helping to test and develop new Right Foot products. I helped with the on-track testing and development of Right Foot’s original Swivler, Roller, Slider, “One-Way” and “Two-Way Torq Links. Also in 2007 we became a “factory authorized repair center for AFCO shock absorbers. Since then we have been rebuilding and revalving AFCO and most other brands of shocks for asphalt and dirt cars, drag cars, road race cars and off-road trucks and buggies.

Mike Randerson is still involved with Right Foot working with the design and development of new products. With his continuing help we have increased the rate of our new product development as we work to stay ahead of constantly evolving dirt and asphalt oval track technology.

In November of 2011 Right Foot Performance purchased a majority of the parts inventory, tools and fixtures of RanderCar. At that time Jim and Jyl Randerson retired from racing. At Jim’s request the RanderCar name was allowed to fade into racing history. We are now supporting customers with RanderCar chassis. We have front clips, control arms, spindles and etc. in stock for RanderCars and can help with set-up information.

In 2012, with Mike Randerson’s assistance, we built our first Right Foot asphalt late model chassis. The car was computer designed in “Solid Works” and is “state of the art”. We have set up a complete fab shop to build new cars and repair and service customer cars.

We intend to keep adding to our history and promise to continue working hard to bring you new, technically advanced components.

Thanks for your interest in our company,
– Dave Schneider