4780-DM – Torque Link



Use the same race-winning design as our 5500 Series Torque Links.
Are designed to cushion the tire contact patch under acceleration and under braking.
Also allow some roll steer.
Compact size and light weight are perfect for asphalt late models and modifieds.
Great replacements for solid 3rd links or for cars using 3rd links with old fashion rubber bushings.
Traction bushings and brake bushings can be preloaded and can be tuned separately.
Transition from accel to decel is immediate. Poly Bushings can be mixed and stacked provide progressive consistent spring rate.
All torque links include a travel indicator to measure bushing compression.
Sealed bronze bushings and chrome plated 3/4″ diameter solid shafts assure bind-free consistent performance and maximum durability.
Use steel components and are legal for dirt modifieds, weighs 7.85 lbs. and is 18.625″ Long for end to end.