Front Clip

Right Foot Performance Products has designed a new front clip for asphalt late models which offers the ultimate in tune-ability and ease of verifying working angles. This allows you to easily measure and enter necessary points for computer program analysis. This feature also simplifies track to track setup and assures ease of adjustment repeatability.

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This front clip has also been designed for ease of assembly accuracy and durability utilizing the latest in 3-D solid model computer software. The cross-member, brackets, and mounts have been designed on a state of the art CAD system and laser cut and formed using the latest technology.

The front frame horns have been designed as a crash zone utilizing .083 wall tubing with a .250 thick weld flange provided between the .083 wall horns and the .120 wall main frame rails. In the event of a crash this weld flange defines an easy place to cut the frame horns off, grind the front side of the flange clean and easily and accurately replace the damaged section. The flanges also have an integral tab to ease installation of a bolt in X brace in front of the engine.

The unique cross-member and rack plate design provides the ultimate in durability utilizing rugged 7 gauge material in these areas. The cross-member and rack have been raised to allow the car to attain the lowest possible center of gravity by maximizing wheel travel capability. The rack mounting has been designed to provide additional strength to eliminate rack mount deflection under load. The cross-member design also provides exceptional clearance alongside the engine.

A large 2 ¼” x .095 wall sway bar tube is welded directly to the bottom of the frame horns maximizing torsional rigidity and lower sway bar ground clearance. Up to 2″ diameter x 37 ½” sway bars can be utilized.

The front engine mounts have been located to permit maximum engine offset and provide clearance for additional dry sump pump scavenge stages preferred by some engine builders. The rear engine mounts are slotted for 2″ to 4″ setback applications.

The front clip is capable of high angles of anti-dive without sacrificing correct bump steer adjustment.

Strut rods are mounted in double shear with a unique adjustment stud allowing infinite and easily measurable vertical adjustment.

Lower control arm inner pivots are also infinitely adjustable via a unique adjuster bolt arrangement accessed from the bottom side of the cross-member. Each round of rotation of the adjuster bolt raises or lowers the inner pivot .050 in.

Lower control arms are mounted behind the cross-member which provides abundant oil pan clearance. There is no need to use a pan which is notched at the front for clearance. Lower control arm attaching bolts are spot drilled at their centerline for fast accurate dimension checking.

Lower control arm ball joint bosses are spot drilled to permit easy and accurate location and measurement of ball joint pivot ball centerline.

Ball joint bosses on upper and lower control arms are designed so the ball joint ball centerline is exactly in line with control arm tube centerline. This allows you to determine the true working angle by the use of a “smart level” or angle protractor on both upper and lower control arms.

Upper control arm frame mounts are bolted on rather than welded on. We have designed a straddle type mounting system which allows the use of any length upper control arm and of course is much easier to replace in the event of a crash. The mounts also feature ½” mounting bolt holes drilled on 3/8″ centers for easy and accurate control arm inner pivot height and anti- dive angle changes.

Front geometry has been designed around Coleman modular type spindles.

The front clip easily adapts to existing chassis frames which are 30″ wide inside the rails, and attaches to the main frame 24″ behind the front wheel centerline.



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