Springs & shock absorbers are critically important to the handling of your race car. Whether you’re racing a late model, a sprint car or a drag car, Right Foot Performance can help with your suspension. Do you need a custom-built torq link dampener for a modified, high rebound front shocks for a BB/SS asphalt late model, or a pop up shock for a dirt late model? We can help as we regularly service & repair Dirt & Asphalt Late Model, Modified, Sprint Car, Midget & Drag Car Shocks.

Dyno Parts

Right Foot Performance is a factory authorized shock service center for AFCO, Integra, Ohlins, Penske, PRO & QA1. We have a factory trained technician with all required special tools to service these shocks. We maintain a substantial inventory of shock absorber parts and can typically repair or revalve your shocks in a matter of days, even during racing season. We pride ourselves on fast, reliable shock service.

If you have questions regarding shock selection or shock valving CALL US. Please don’t email us with shock absorber questions. The subject is way too complicated and too many questions have to be answered back and forth to give advice by email.

All of our suspension services are confidential. If we work on your shocks we don’t tell other racers what you’re doing.


  • Computerized Spring Rating (Graph Provided)
  • Digital Spring Rating
  • PVP & CVP Shock Dyno Testing (Graph Provided)
  • Shock Absorber Oil Upgrades
  • Shock Absorber Revalving
  • Custom Shock Valving
  • Shock Absorber Rebuilding


As racers run their cars with increased amounts of suspension travel it is important to know what your springs are doing throughout the entire range of travel. It is not unusual for a spring to operate at it’s manufactured rate through 1″ or 2″ of travel, and then either loose or gain rate at (for example) 3″ of travel. Our Roehrig Spring Dyno dynamically tests springs and generates a computerized graph showing spring behavior. It is possible to obtain the same information with a digital spring rater, but not as accurately or efficiently.


Shock absorbers need periodic maintenance. At a minimum shocks should be dyno’ed yearly to verify they are performing to the manufacturers specifications. Problems such as worn seals, torn o-rings and air in the oil will show up on the dyno. If you think a shock may have been damaged in a wreck have it dyno’ed. A dyno run is cheap insurance.

Shock absorbers should be periodically rebuilt. There are several “rules of thumb” as to how often; every 1,000 laps, every 30 hours of practice and racing and/or yearly. There’s a reason for this. Shock absorbers are more than just a cylinder with a piston. Every shock has seals, o-rings, oil, shims, bleeds and often a gas bag and springs. As a shock is raced all of these parts are subject to wear and a heat cycle. It’s possible for dirt to be pulled past the rod seal and cause wear. Oil can become arreated and burned. All of this degrades a shock’s performance. How much time will a crew spend chasing a handling problem if you have (for example) a 4/5 shock that needs rebuilding and is performing like a 2/3?

Our standard rebuild service includes:

  • Complete disassembly & cleaning of the shock
  • Thorough inspection of all parts
  • Replacement of o-rings & seals
  • Replacement of shims and springs as needed
  • New oil
  • Reassembly to factory specs
  • Dyno & verify shock meets manufacturer specs (if a shock does not meet specs after rebuilding it’s taken apart, rebuilt and re-dyno’ed until it does meet specs)
  • Dyno graphs are printed for the customer and retained on file



Right Foot is a distributor for Lub Tek Oil. We did extensive research and testing and found Lub Tek to be the best shock fluid available. Lub Tek oil is slower to arreate and maintains its’ viscosity longer then other brands of shock fluid. Lub Tek offers a wide variety of shock fluids which can be used to adjust a shocks performance to track conditions. A fluid change to Lub Tek oil will make your QA1’s & Penske’s much more consistent.

Lub Tek shock fluids are available in the following viscosities:

LT # 1.5R, LT #3R, LT # 3, LT # 5R, LT # 5, LT #9R, LT # 9, LT #25

LT # 1.5R is a shock fluid designed for speedway qualifying. LT #25 is designed for long distance speedway races. LT #5R & LT #5 are good shock fluids for typical short track racing. LT #5R is comparable in initial viscosity to Penske 2.5 shock fluid. LT #9R & LT #9 are good shock fluids for long distance short track races & off road race trucks & buggies.

We also have Lub Tek power steering fluid and gear lube available.


We often have used shocks available for sale. All used shocks available for sale have been completely rebuilt & dyno’ed. A dyno sheet will be provided with the shock. Periodically we also purchase used AFCO, Pro & Penske shocks.


All merchandise & services must be paid for in full at time of delivery or shipping. We accept cash, checks, Visa and Master Card. There will be a $35.00 charge for all checks returned because of insufficient funds.

Any shock absorber purchase for $1,000 or more will require a 50% down payment.

Customer’s shocks that are repaired and left for 30 days or more from invoice date will become property of Right Foot Performance Products.


We warranty our shock absorber workmanship. If you have problems with a shock we rebuilt or revalved please call us. You have 14 days after shock rebuilds or revalves to notify RFPP of any performance problems with your shock absorbers.


Please pack your shocks carefully before shipping them to us. Use a sturdy heavy duty box without previous shipping damage. Use a box large enough to leave some crush space around the shock. Wrap the shock in plastic, especially if the shock has any sign of oil leakage. If oil leaks through into the cardboard the box will be weakened. Pack bubble wrap or newspaper around the shock, especially at the ends. You don’t want the ends to poke through the box. Do not use packing peanuts. Peanuts allow a shock to move around and may allow an end to puncture the box, especially if the shock is missing a rod end.

Include a sheet of paper with your name & address & a daytime or cell phone number in the box. Also include the work you want done. If you ship a shock without a rod end let us know if you need a rod end or if you have a good functional rod end at home.

The shipping companies will only cover a package up to $100. Because of this insure your package for the replacement value of the shocks. We will do the same with the return shipment back to you.

Right Foot uses Spee Dee Delivery to ship to customers in the upper Midwest. UPS is used for all other shipments. Next Day and 2 Day delivery service are available. If your shocks arrive with shipping damage notify us immediately. If there was damage save the box the shocks were shipped in. The delivery companies may not honor and reimburse for a damage claim if they can’t see the damaged shipping box.

Thanks for your interest in our suspension service!